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Building Bridges Between Cultures Since 1984


IMAA’s mission is to build bridges between cultures by providing culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

Our Story

Intercultural Mutual Assistance Association, IMAA, was founded in 1984 by Mr. Robert “Bob” Jones III (1942-2011). He identified a need to empower refugees to develop and lead self-help programs. It was with this vision that Mr. Jones founded IMAA.

Refugees and immigrants arrive in Rochester from many different countries around the world including Somalia, Syria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Burma, Bhutan, and Iraq. They have demonstrated strength, perseverance, resourcefulness, and courage in the face of remarkable hardships and challenges.

IMAA has served hundreds of newcomers every year by helping to create stability, self-sufficiency, independence, and to build community. As a result, many have attained these goals and have become engaged, established, and contributing members of the community.

Years in Business

Immigrant Job Placement

Team Members

Refugees Served

Our Philosophy


At IMAA, communication can be one the most difficult parts of the job, especially when the other doesn’t speak the same language as you. We work hard to provide the best interpretation possible, so we can assist our clients to our fullest ability.

Diversity and Culture

Our staff consists of over xx different cultures and speaks over xx languages.

Environmentally Friendly

IMAA is proud to be the first comprehensive planned green building in Olmsted County.

Equality and Justice

IMAA believes that everyone we serve deserves the same rights and freedom.


There’s no better way to communicate than by being transparent with our clients.


IMAA works closely with our clients to help them adapt to a new culture and community and become more self-sufficient through employment services.

Work Ethic

We want our clients to receive the best help and service possible. This starts with hiring smart, well-qualified employees.

Get Involved with Us

We want you!  There are many ways to share your time and talents with IMAA.

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