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IMAA even speaks the language of Green.

IMAA is proud of its building – the first comprehensively planned green building in Olmsted County.  Everyone talks about green, but what does it really mean?  IMAA’s green building design started with site sensitivity, a choice to locate the building close to bike trails and bus lines.  The facility’s showers and bike racks speaks of how much IMAA supports alternative transportation for its staff.

The landscaping is designed for shade and efficient water use, while the building’s design (and even the parking lot!) reduces the heat island effect. To IMAA, green means the building is protective of natural resources. All the construction debris that went into the building of the new IMAA was recycled.  Even the cabinets within the building are recycled.  IMAA mimimizes waste by use of hand dryers, not paper towels, and is moving toward becoming a paperless office.

IMAA talks the talk when they are talking green.  It is evident in the building being both energy and water efficient.  This translates to using natural daylight to reduce energy usage and using energy which is clean and renewable.  Efficient water fixtures and landscaping that needs little water speaks volumes about IMAA being synonymous with thinking green.

Add this to IMAA’s commitment to improved indoor air quality, operable windows, clerestory windows to let light into interior hallways, use of low emitting materials and paint that omits no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and it is clear to see, when it comes to going green, IMAA speaks the language.

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