Community Health Workers Program

IMAA’s Community Health Workers (CHWs) reduce cultural and linguistic barriers to health care.  CHWs share defining characteristics with the population they serve and work at the grassroots level as culture brokers between their own communities and systems of care. They provide culturally appropriate health education and information, assist people in receiving the care they need, give informal counseling and guidance on health behaviors and advocate for individual and community health needs.

CHWs have been shown to improve quality and cost effectiveness of care and increase the number of healthcare workers who come from diverse backgrounds or underserved communities.



Services for individuals:

  • Assist with MNsure navigation
  • Help you find and maintain affordable health insurance
  • Provide assistance understanding your health insurance policy and what it covers
  • Connect you to a primary care doctor
  • Schedule appointments to doctors, dentists and mental health providers
  • Arrange interpreting and transportation services
  • Help you understand instructions from your doctor
  • Provide health education about wellness and staying healthy
  • Provide health education about managing a chronic condition (for example, diabetes, hypertension)
  • Coordinate your care between different providers
  • Assist you to access the health care and human services you need

Services for employers:

  • Help your employees without insurance to apply for public health care coverage
  • Link your employees with the primary care system to increase receipt of preventive care services and avoid accessing care through the costly emergency department
  • Assist your employees to overcome language, financial and other barriers to accessing health care and human services systems
  • Design and implement culturally appropriate workplace wellness programs

There is no cost for CHW services regardless of insurance status or immigration status.  


To make a referral, complete the Referral Sheet and fax to (507) 289-6199.

If you have questions, please contact Tara Nelson at (507) 289-5960 ext 102 or

Olmsted County Only Interpreter Request Form

Olmsted County Only Interpreter Request Form

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